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God: The Contemporary Discussion is an annual event that brings together over 100 scholars from around the world to pursue various aspects of the contemporary discussion od God. In these conferences on the Ultimate, the paticipants are drawn from all parts of the world and from virtually every religious tradition. Here Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Confucianists, members of African religions, and many others meet each other face to face. Moreover, the participants come from a wide range of disciplines form cultures East and West, North and South.

Easy generalizations about people in other traditions are quickly seen to be inadequate to the living reality. And as a result participants have set in motion in their own lives dynamics and processes that will bear fruit in unpredictable ways. The vast majority of participants find this to be an event of great significance for them.

There is no attempt made to impose a certain outcome on these deliberations, nor is it assumed that there is some easy unity that underlies all the multiplicity present to the discussions. Nevertheless, what does emerge is a heightened awareness of the beliefs and views of others and one's own, and a determination to pursue lines of development that these meeting open up.

The volumes in the God: The Contemporary Discussion Series are indicative of this continuing pursuit and represent "stepping stones" designed to broaden the forum of the discussion. Many of the essays presented here also reflect the influence of the encounter on each ndividual contributor. A unique experience herein awaits the student of religion or philosophy, the seeker of knowledge of the Ultimate, the teacher of spiritual discipline, or anyone interested in emerging confluence of the religious traditions of the world.

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