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Vision of Buddhism, The: The Space Under the Tree

Vision of Buddhism, The: The Space Under the Tree
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“Every introductory Buddhism course needs just this book! It is the first book to tackle the array of national Buddhisms in a thematic way and with considerable wit and insight.”–Jeffrey Hopkins, University of Virginia

“For the first time, the story is told in consonance with the nature of Buddhism itself.”–Alfred Bloom, Institute of Buddhist Studies

"Roger J. Corless is a Buddhologist and an exceedingly erudite one at that. Much more importantly, he is a long-term practitioner with first-hand experience in a variety of traditions including Zen, the various Tibetan lineages and the Pure Land schools. This practical experience of the Dharma means that he treasures it as no purely academic Buddhologist ever could and his book, while bearing some similarities to works by other academics, is unusual in that he never goes off into purely theoretical flights, keeping the Dharma always in his sights.

"Good books are like good companions; they have the advantage over human companions that you can always close them and put them down, and pick them up again when you are ready. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent in Roger Corless's company and feel that my understanding of the Dharma has been deepened by it. I look forward to picking up his book again once I have digested all I learned from my first reading."–Patrick Micel (Hoji), Soto Zen priest

“Vision of Buddhism is, indeed, a remarkable exposition of Buddhism: some of its interpretations are brilliant. It is superbly informed.”–Frederick J. Streng, Southern Methodist University

“I have been reading The Vision of Buddhism and urging it on friends myself. The angle and unfolding there is a remarkably effective way to introduce people to the Buddhadharma."–Gary Snyder, University of California, Davis, and winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1975

“An impressive and distinctive book that portrays the unique character, the essential integrity, and the dominant motifs of the Buddhist tradition in a lucid and illuminating manner.”–F. Stanley Lusby, University of Tennessee

Destined to become a classic in its field, The Vision of Buddhism constitutes a dramatic departure from most Western treatments of Buddhism. Holding that the usual historical approach is not only irrelevant to Buddhism, but also destructive of its distinctive world view. Corless takes a nonlinear approach, one more faithful to the Buddhist tradition itself.

Most Western treatments of Buddhism are historical, tracing in detail the chronology of Buddhism’s emergence and growth and its division into dozens of competing schools. This lucid and elegant introduction to Buddhism takes a non-historical approach, one that is more faithful to the Buddhist tradition itself. Author Roger Corless presents and explains Buddhist teachings and practices in light of events in the life of Buddha. He examines the mythologized version of Buddha’s life and the differing descriptions of Buddha’s life given by his followers. In the major section of the book he considers the matter of greatest importance to modern readers–how the Buddha’s life, in all its descriptions, may be repeated by each individual practitioner.

ROGER J. CORLESS, Professor of Religion, Emeritus, at Duke University. A leading scholar of Buddhism, his special interests are Pure Land Buddhism, Christian Spirituality, and Buddhist-Christian Dialogue. He is a co-founder of the Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies and its journal Buddhist-Christian Studies. He has published more than sixty academic articles and four books, including I Am Food: The Mass in Planetary Perspective, which, long out of print, has been republished by Wipf and Stock (2004).

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