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What is Enlightenment

What is Enlightenment
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The question of What is Enlightenment? has been asked throughout history by people looking for the meaning of existence. In this edition, John White, well-known author and researcher in the field of consciousness and spiritual development, has gathered together sixteen of the world's most respected spiritual teachers, each of whom offers an answer to that fundamental question. These essays offer a comprehensive look at the ultimate state of human consciousness--the pinnacle of happiness, mental health, and understanding of reality--and further explore the psychological, intellectual, religious, cultural and practical aspects of enlightenment.

"An excellent collection of insightful Western commentaries on a topic of universal interest. The selections represent the most thoughtful reflections of contemporary scholars, yet are easy to read and understand. What is Enlightenment will be of interest to anyone who seeks a better understanding of spirituality in our time."
--Frances Vaughan, author of Awakening Intuition

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