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White/Black Race Mixing: An Essay on Stereotypes and Realities

White/Black Race Mixing: An Essay on Stereotypes and Realities
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Important and Informative
“This study is important.… This study is informative.… Gardner has much valuable experience…. He has been a careful observer of race relations over many years.… I am impressed by his search for roots to present day racial problems with references to slavery. His concrete personal and social observations deserve careful reading.… His account of…the trend of black males seeking white female liaisons and sometimes marriage and family in a hostile social environment is instructive.”
–J. Deotis Roberts, Research Professor of Christain Theology Duke Divinity School

Sensitive and well-reasoned
This is a sensitive and well-reasoned analysis of the ongoing interracial mixing of white and black Americans. Gardner's conclusions that America is a melting pot in which the races will be increasingly blended will not please those who wish to maintain separate race identities. The author looks at a variety of sexual relationships between the races–master/slave liaisons, prostitution, cohabitation and marriage–all of which produce mixed race offspring, many of whom can choose to live either in white or black neighborhoods. As a counselor who has interviewed and visited many mixed-race couples, Gardner is extremely aware that many of the stereotypes of White/Black couples–such as psychological maladjustment, or a way of climbing the social ladder–are of limited accuracy, or dead wrong in most cases. Most interracial marriages are based on the same motive as same race marriages–love.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: White/Black Race Mixing
Chapter 2: The Issue
Chapter 3: Stereotyping and Race Prejudice
Chapter 4: Profile of the Black Male
Chapter 5: African-American Female Dominance
Chapter 6: Changing Patterns
Chapter 7: Analysis of White Female Involved
Chapter 8: Mixed-Blood Progeny
Chapter 9: Dynamics of Amalgamation
Chapter 10: Achievement
Chapter 11: Prognosis

REVEREND LEROY GARDNER is of mixed race descent. His father was half white and half black. His mother was the daughter of an African slave and a Native American. He founded the North Central Baptist Church in St. Paul Minnesota in 1957 and served as Pastor for 39 years. During that period he counseled and interviewed many mixed race couples. In 1997 he moved to Carmichael, California, where he has begun a new church.

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