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Your Behavior: Understanding and Changing the Things You Do

Your Behavior: Understanding and Changing the Things You Do
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“Wow! I am impressed with this book! It is so comprehensive and neatly structured! And provides a great scientific context for introducing Perceptual Control Theory (PCT) to the layperson. I can see how the explanation builds up gradually over the chapters. Fantastic.”—Warren Mansell, DPhil, DClinPsy, CPsychol, Reader in Psychology, University of Manchester

"Richard Pfau has written an engaging, accurate book on a complex subject. To introduce the power of Perceptual Control Theory to a general readership in a way that may help in their everyday lives is no easy feat, but this book does just that. Highly recommended."—Martin Taylor, Ph.D., P.Eng., Senior Experimental Psychologist (Retd.), Defence Research Canada.

This book will help you to: (1) analyze your own behavior based on a comprehensive understanding of why you do the things you do, (2) change your behavior if you want to, and (3) better understand why others behave as they do. Based on an approach that will take you beyond the outdated thinking that dominates psychology today, Dr. Pfau unveils informative secrets about human behavior, including the techniques that others use to influence what you do, how automatically and routinely you behave in most situations, and why.

Our body’s structure and organization affect what we do and help us to survive. Learn how our body and the environment around us interact to affect what we perceive and how we behave. Knowing this will put you at the cutting-edge of science and human behavior and allow you to understand your behavior and change it.

Book Reviews

"...a brilliantly organized trove of knowledge that will leave readers with a better understanding of what makes us tick.... by reading this book you will understand your behavior and be able to use this knowledge to change said behavior. It's a pretty lofty goal, but Your Behavior achieves it brilliantly... Other books claim they'll change your life; Your Behavior gives you the tools to change it yourself. RECOMMENDED by the US Review"—Reviewer Yuliiya Geikhman, US Review of books

"Pfau's objective is clear from the start. Rather than seeking to persuade, he seeks to educate.... Pfau consistently and subtlety reminds us that science and scholarship are part of a learning process and that it is important not to make judgments about the work of others without offering thoughtful and measured alternatives. In the case of PCT, the whole is, indeed, greater than the parts. The parts are, as it were, a composite of all the efforts, scientific, scholarly and experimental over time that have contributed to our current understanding, evaluation and acceptance of such a big theory as is Perceptual Control Theory."--Review by Fred Goode, Distance Consulting

"While Pfau’s book offers a remarkably helpful guide to understanding and changing one’s behavior, it equally serves as a valuable guide for learning about Perceptual Control Theory (PCT). The basic thesis of PCT and its various corollaries inform the book’s first eight chapters which describe and discuss the human living organism, its operations (i.e. behavior), and the environment in which it exists to survive."--Review by Lloyd Klinedinst, Distance Consulting