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Black Light: A Novel Theory of the Universe

Black Light: A Novel Theory of the Universe
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Throughout history, we have thought of darkness as the absence of light. Howitt argues that darkness is a different kind of light, which he calls “black light.” He develops this novel proposition in the context of recent developments in physics and astrophysics related to black holes, dark matter, and dark energy. He reconceives of dark energy as "black light," and dark matter as "black matter." Black matter is what space, and all existents, are fundamentally comprised of, and is of a different nature, physics, and dimensional system than what our senses observe and our technology can detect. Not only is black matter a formally different kind of matter, but it emits black light, a formally different kind of light.

This new framework may provide superior and simpler answers to the problems of the geometric limits of the observable universe, what space is, what the fundamental constituents of the observable universe are, what gravity is, understanding quantum phenomena, the mechanism of cause of the observable universe, and other fundamental problems of astrophysics. Howitt describes how his theory relates to the theories of other physicists, the experiments at CERN, and the activities of space agencies. This book suggests new areas of research for physics, and will also promote readers’ creative thoughts about the universe and what lies behind and beyond the world we can observe.

What Experts Say:

“This work is a rarity of brilliant novel observation and ensuing brilliant novel theory in my career. Like Wittgenstein, this work with extreme acuity and compression, every word and sentence vital and chosen with extreme care, constructed and elaborated for great clarity, systematically constructs a system of observations and concepts. I’ve not seen a work akin to this since the Tractatus. These observations and thought are a Copernican Turn.”
—JERRY BALMUTH, Harry Emerson Fosdick Professor of Philosophy & Religion, Emeritus, Colgate University

“The idea of “black light” does not fit into the current scientific understanding of light. It is an interesting proposal to expand human knowledge.”
—SHI-WEI-CHU, Professor, Department of Physics, National Taiwan University, expert in the field of optical microscopy, optical spectroscopy, laser physics.

“Howitt has done a thorough study . . . . Each reader will understand this complexity based on their own level of comprehension of the cosmos. This book will certainly stimulate discussion and become part of the competitive environment in the philosophy of cosmology with the goal of improving theories, concepts and models.”
—OLEG BAZALUK, Editor-in-Chief, Philosophy and Cosmology

“This work could be called a philosophical-logical investigation into fundamental physics and cosmology. By its scope and profundity, Black Light deserves to be heard and examined. Its novel concepts may reform and broaden our present understanding of the universe and point us towards new scientific experiments that could verify and elaborate these concepts.”
—LLOYD EBY, Ph.D. The George Washington University

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