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Courage to Remember: Interviews on the Holocaust

Courage to Remember: Interviews on the Holocaust
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foreword by Richard L. Rubenstein

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Selected reviews from the Japanese Edition:

“This book tells a number of stories that are remarkable and important. The book also reveals that certain characteristics--such as hope, compassion, and courage–are possessed by many people, regardless of national or ethnic origin.”–Tom Lantos, Member of Congress, United States of America

“The Holocaust is a blot on the history of civilization that can never be erased from the memory of mankind. Kinue Tokudome’s book adds yet another dimension to the record of this memory by providing the profound thoughts of a distinguished group of scholars. This book deserves the attention of every thinking person in Japan and the world over.”–Leo Melamed, Chairman Emeritus and senior advisor Chicago Mercantile Exchange

“Having been born. in Germany in 1935, I grew up with my parents talking about those days often. Later I made many Jewish friends through my electronics business in America. I first visited Yad Vashem when I was 45 and was deeply moved by that experience. My encounter with the Holocaust deepened my understanding of human beings in a profound sense. I hope those who read this book will also have the same kind of moving experience.”–Tachi Kiuchi, Member of the Board of Directors, Mitsubishi Electric

This book introduces the reader to people who try to make the world remember the Holocaust and the lesson it has taught. It focuses on each person–their backgrounds, their accomplishments, their belief and their hopes–rather than events surrounding their activities. The author hopes that this book will help readers understand the significance of the Holocaust in human history by getting to know these people, their efforts, and by sharing their feelings.


Richard L. Rubenstein
1. We Are Much Stronger Than We Think
Renee Firestone
2. Building a Temple of Memory and Learning
Miles Lerman
3. I Can't Understand the Event, Therefore, I Will Try
Michael Berenbaum
4. Restoring Justice and Building Bridges Between Peoples
Simon Wiesenthal
5. The Memorial Site of Mauthausen
Peter Willnauer
6. Being True to History and to Oneself
Raul Hilberg
7. Jews Did Fight Back
Neil C. Sandberg
8. Wallenberg Inspires Us to Be Better Human Beings
Annette Lantos
9. The Mission Sugihara would Be Proud Of
Leo Melamed
10. Dear Mr. Sugihara
Hillel Levine
11. Never Let Complacency Guide Us Again
David A. Harris
12. Fighting Against the Holocaust Deniers
Rabbi Abraham Cooper
13. In Memory of One and A Half Million Jewish Children
Makoto Otsuka
14. Coping With Our Own Brokenness Can Make Us Humane
John K. Roth

KINUE TOKUDOME is a freelance writer who lives in California. Ms. Tokudome has a M.A. in International Relations and a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Chicago, IL. She has had one book and many articles published in Japan. Ms. Tokudome writes about issues which may not be understood in her native country of Japan, such as the Holocaust and its implications on human history.

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