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“Presents a balanced picture of the (population situation as it exists today and, importantly, interweaves population matters in with other social issues....I like especially the chapters on health care, ethical aspects, environment and conservation, and aging.”–Professor Donald J. Bogue, Department of Sociology, University of Chicago

How critical is the problem of overpopulation in today’s world? During the sixties the catastrophe theory came into fashion: we were warned that if we didn’t do something about the expanding human race, each of us would soon be confined to one square yard of earth. Then inthe seventies the issue suddenly dropped from public consciousness–worn out, perhaps, by too much exposure.

Yet the clock still ticks. The population bomb has by no means been defused, as the world birth rate continues to climb. Where do things stand with this ominous global dilemma?

In Fallout from the Population Explosion Claude A. Villee, Jr. has compiled some of the best contemporary writings on this subject. Avoiding the two extremes of hysteria and complacency,the essays in this incisive and comprehensive work address the critical issues:

• Has the population problem improved?
• What are the consequences of world population growth on natural resources, food supply and environment?
• How are labor, migration, and international trade affected by the rising birth rate?
• How does overpopulation affect the family? Health care? Senior citizens? Biomedical ethics?
• What are the current efforts to control population? How effective are they?

This book is long overdue. Compiled with both layman and scholar in mind, Fallout from the Population Explosion is for anyone who wants to know the truth about overpopulation–what it means for us and for the future of humankind.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Population Policies: Past, Present and Future
Claude A. Villee, Jr

Part I: World Population Trends
1. Ethical Dimensions of International Population Trends
George J. Stolnitz
2. World Population Trends in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century
Samuel Baum
3. Japan as a Typical Miniature of World Population Growth
Toshio Kuroda
4. Ethical Dimensions of World Population Trends
Richard L. Rubenstein
Joel Kurtzman

Part II. Introduction: Health Systems and Population Control
Edward 0. Pratt
5. Health Services and Development: Population Issues
C. O. Akerle
6. Health Systems and Population Control
Gervin P. Samarawickrama

Part III: Consequences of World Population Growth
7. Consequences of World Population Growth on Natural Resources and Environment
Claude A. Villee, Jr.
8. Consequences of World Population Growth: Labor, Migration and International Trade
Paul Demeny

Part IV: Financial and Societal Disincentives for Population Growth
9. China’s “One-Child Family” Program
Claude A. Villee, Jr.

Part V: The Future of Technology and Societies
10. Biomedical Sciences and Social Patterns in the Twenty-First Century
Claude A. Villee, Jr.
11. A Perspective of Populations in Transition
Edward 0. Pratt
12. World Population Problem: Its Impact on the Family and Community
Gervin P. Samarawickrama
Stewart E. Fraser

Part VI: Human Population of the Future: The Food-Supply Crisis
13. Feeding the World’s Increasing Population
Kenneth Mellanby
14. National Policies for Population Control
Gervin P. Samarawickrama
15. Resources Versus Population
B. Connor Johnson
16. Changing National Policies of Population Size
Stewart E. Fraser
17. Interactions Between Food Supply and Human Populations
Gerald Stanhill
18. Full Utilization of Food Resources
P. V. Sukhatme
19. Total Management of Health Care for the Aged
Kikuo Fujiwara
20. Geriatric Care in Western Countries
Zedena Harant
21. Learning and Aging
Giselher Guttmann
22. Health Care Systems and the Elderly
Roberta Spohn

Conclusion: Human Populations: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Claude A. Villee, Jr

Professor CLAUDE A. VILLEE, JR. is Andelot Professor of Biological Chemistry at HarvardMedical School. Having served as consultant for the Ford Foundation, the National Sciences Foundation, and the National Institutes of Health, he played a key role in establishing the Laboratory of Human Reproduction and Reproductive Biology at Harvard Medical School. Vice President of the International Foundation for Biochemical Endocrinology, Dr. Villee has published a variety of books and monographs. These include eight successive editions of Biology, six editions of General Zoology, two editions of Biological Principles and Processes, and three editions of Human Reproduction. In addition he has edited many other volumes and published numerous papers in scientific journals.

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