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How Should I Live?

How Should I Live?
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Extremely practical
“An extreme1y practical book which should prove helpful to many philosophy professors.”–Ralph McInerny, University of Notre Dame

What are the philosophical foundations of moral life? Randolph Feezell and Curtis Hancock seek the answer In a series of fascinating fictional dialogues. The participants-all educated people from diverse walks of life-hold eight lively conversations on everything from the definition to the value of ethics. They critically discuss many of the prevailing theories concerning the foundations of ethics, including Divine Command theory, relativism, egoism, utilitarianism, and deontology. The book also contains distinctive treatments of a natural law approach to virtue-ethics and Carol Gilligan’s widely discussed account of female moral development in the
context of an ethic of care. Every dialogue ends with a list of key terms, epigrams, and suggested readings.


One What Is Ethics?
Two Ethics and Religion
Three Ethics and Relativism
Four Ethics and Self-Interest
Five Ethics and Consequences
Six Ethics and Persons
Seven Ethics and Virtue
Eight Ethics and Female Voices Epilogue Is Ethics Worthwhile?

RANDOLPH M. FEEZELL is associate professor of philosophy at Creighton University.

CURTIS L. HANCOCK is associate professor of philosophy at Rockhurst College.

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