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Republic of Many Mansions, The:Fndtns of American Religous Thought

Republic of Many Mansions, The:Fndtns of American Religous Thought
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“An excellent introduction to the intellectual building blocks of American culture. These are the ideas that shape us all and desperately need assessment. Insightful, carefully organized...clear, deep, and serious.”–William M. Shea, University of South Florida

“ A fresh and innovative profile.... This book deserves the careful attention of all who would understand the subtle dynamics that have shaped American religious thought.”–Charles H. Lippy, Clemson University

In The Republic of Many Mansions John and Denise Carmody examine the origins, assumptions, and consequences of three major concepts in American religious history: the Puritan judgement of human nature, the Enlightenment disestablishment of religion, and the definition of truth of American Pragmatism. The lives and beliefs of Jonathan Edwards, Thomas Jefferson, and William James fully characterize these three mainstream religious principIes. ln unique counterpoint, the Carmodys bring into the discussion the many religious and secular groups that were not, and still are not, part of the primarily white, Protestant, male historical tradition: Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, women, African-Americans, and others. The Republic of Many Mansions concludes that the future of American religious culture lies in a collective and ongoing dialogue among the many voices active in the American religious landscape.

Includes chapters on:
• The Mainstream and the margins
• Jonathan Edwards and Human Nature
• Puritanism in American Culture
• On Human Nature: Responses from the Margins
• Thomas Jefferson and Disestablishment
• William James and Pluralism
• American Pragmatism: Responses from the Margms
• Future Prospects

DENISE LARDNER CARMODY is University Professor at Santa Clara University in California. JOHN TUILLY CARMODY was Senior Research Fellow in Religion at the University of Tulsa. The Carmodys have written over forty books, including Exploring American Religion, Exploring the New Testament, and Shamans, Prophets, & Sages: An Introduction to World Religions.