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Social and Political Philosophy

Social and Political Philosophy
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Throughout its history, social and political philosophy has been confined to considering the relatively narrow interests of the nation-state. But today's issues are far more complex and inter-related than ever before. Questions about freedom, rights, and justice take on a new urgency with Eastern Europe struggling to build a new democratic community and our own nation's debate about public and personal responsibility.

This engaging text combines an historical treatment with one that emphasizes a forward-looking global perspective. The book opens with a survey of the great movements and ideas in the history of Western thought from Socrates to Marx. It briefly investigates many of the theories that have established political philosophy; ethics, philosophy of law, and ontology. On the basis of this historical setting, the text offers a contemporary review of social concepts such as: freedom and rights; the nature of justice; and the ideals of human community. The book concludes with a discussion on the future of political and social philosophy from an unorthodox global perspective.

Social and Political Philosophy will inform and stimulate students toward a deeper inquiry into this important field by illuminating the important classical foundations, and stating a new set of challenging questions and arguments for our changing world.


1. A Brief History: Ancient Beginnings
2. A Brief History Continued: Stoicism to Locke
3. A Brief History Continued: Enlightenment, Revolution, and Utility
4. A Brief History Concluded: From Hegel to the Twentieth Century
5. Rights and Freedom
6. Justice
7. Community
8. One World and the Future of Social Philosophy

WILLIAM L. MCBRIDE is professor of philosophy at Purdue University. He is the author of The Philosophy of Marx and Social Theory at the Crossroads.

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