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Corless, Roger

Corless, Roger
ROGER J. CORLESS, Professor of Religion, Emeritus, at Duke University. A leading scholar of Buddhism, his special interests are Pure Land Buddhism, Christian Spirituality, and Buddhist-Christian Dialogue. He is a co-founder of the Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies and its journal Buddhist-Christian Studies. He has published more than sixty academic articles and four books, including I Am Food: The Mass in Planetary Perspective, which, long out of print, has been republished by Wipf and Stock (2004).

Roger Corless is the general editor of the "Vision of" Series, which explores religions as visions of reality. The series includes his book, The Vision of Buddhism, as well as The Vision of Islam, The Vision of Mormonism, and The Vision of Judaism .


Vision of Buddhism, The: The Space Under the Tree
ISBN: 1557782008
$18.95 (€18.95)

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